Accreditations & Policies

An accredited business which operates within Standards set out by recognised Industry Bodies . . .  and proud to maintain a number of business relationships with recognised national and international equipment brands

AMG Pump Rentals is an accredited business which operates within Standards set out by recognised Industry Bodies. In addition, we are proud to carry accreditations across a number of national and international equipment brands and we continue to research and evaluate the best portfolio of equipment providers, to ensure we adapt according to the latest best-in-class products.

Industry Bodies
AMG Pump Rentals is proud to hold professional relationships with the following Industry Bodies and Organisations. These include Work Standards, Compliance and Global Product Suppliers

AMG Pump Rentals is fully committed to high standards across Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management. Our Policies across these three areas reflect this and are applied with equal vigour to our business and our clients.

We are fully committed to the highest standards of HSEQ across all areas of our business. We regularly review working practices to ensure that everyone involved in our business – including third parties and sub-contractors – adhere to and promote best practice procedures and policies. We adopt a Continuous Improvement philosophy to all aspects of HSEQ. We adhere to a range of compliance related to Federal, National, State and Local Workplace Health and Safety legislation requirements.

Health and Safety
We’re committed to achieving the highest standards across health and safety in our business, including all operating environments that we engage in. We strive to exceed our range of responsibilities to provide a safe and healthy working environment for employees, contractors, clients and other third parties.

<Our H&S Policy is available on request>

To us, Quality encompasses every component of our business; how we operate, how we invest in people, carefully selecting the very best products & equipment – and then supporting and maintaining these for optimum reliability and performance.

At AMG Pump Rentals, it’s all about Standards. So, in practice, this means providing up-to-date product and industry training, investing in systems and processes, researching and developing the best equipment and systems and constantly improving the way we apply all of this onto projects. It is our proven combination of people, culture, processes, equipment and relationships which makes us the business we are.

<Our Quality Statement is available on request>

In every part of our operation, we work hard to achieve a balance between our economic & operational objectives and our responsibilities to environmental well-being. Consideration is always given to environmental impact and community best interest.

Our systems and processes encourage best practice in and around working environments, waste management, permits and licenses; ensuring that the correct environmental legacy is carefully in place at the conclusion of projects.

<Our Environmental Statement is available on request>