Project Planning & Advisory

Helping clients to forward-plan their water transfer and water management requirements . . .

At AMG Pump Rental, we help clients to forward-plan their water transfer and water management requirements – well before a project commences. This planning and support can start at the feasibility stages. By engaging with us right from the start, our clients benefit from project efficiencies, minimal disruption, adherence to project scheduling and best cost value.

By utilising our experience in project planning, application design, equipment and resources specification and pre-project system testing, we regularly help clients maximise their available budget. Thorough planning also directly helps avoid project delays and/or disruption at all stages.

We’re not afraid of asking the hard questions upfront. Our established process of information gathering helps all stakeholders achieve exactly the outcomes that are desired. From experience, collaboratively gathering this information reduces firefighting problems at later stages of projects.

We work with you to establish all of the facts.

In terms of application design, we harness our 20 year plus experience in the pump industry to assess any existing equipment and infrastructure on site, in order to minimise upfront costs where applicable. Part of the design process is then to factor-in all site and technical requirements, to arrive at the optimum design solution. Once this is in place, we can then generate equipment and resource specifications which properly meet the requirements.

One of the other benefits of engaging AMG Pump Rentals is that every system is tested in full, prior to onsite deployment. This ensures proposals can be executed according to the agreed and calculated project specification.


If you are considering a project and want to establish an initial scope, talk to us in the first instance by completing our enquiry form below or calling us on 08 6143 2688